Cover – Uber's payment experience at restaurants.
OpenTable – Make a restaurant reservation the easy way
Tabbedout – Uber for your bar or restaurant tab
Fluc – Every restaurant now delivers.
Olo – Simply powerful online ordering
Push for Pizza – The Easiest Way To Order Pizza, Ever.
Tablelist – The OpenTable of Nightlife
In Boston, New York City, Foxwoods, + 2 more
Tablesavvy – Last Minute Dining Made Easy
doblet – On-demand phone charging service at your favorite bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.
Coaster – Order on your phone: four taps & a swipe gets your a drink at your favorite bar!
AirBnb – Find a place to stay.
Breather – Unlock a private layer in every city.
BrewDrop – Local alcohol delivery app
In Austin
HotelTonight – Need a Hotel, Tonight?
Saucey – On-demand alcohol delivery
Swill – Mobile platform for on-demand alcohol delivery
Thirstie – On-demand wine & spirits discovery and delivery
Ultra – GrubHub Seamless for Alcohol
In Brooklyn, Chicago, Hartford, + 6 more
Willcall – The best way to see live shows
airenvy – Effortlessly rent on Airbnb & Homeaway with On-Demand Property Management

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